Update that resume – the jobs of the future are coming

Many job titles sound like science fiction but are rooted in trends that are already gaining momentum today. More RSS Feed: newsroom.cisco.com/rss-feeds … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Update that resume – the jobs of the future are coming http://newsroom.cisco.com/images/mobile_newsAtCisco.png

Ten Hours of Static Gets Five Copyright Notices

Sebastian Tomczak blogs about technology and sound, and has a YouTube channel. In 2015, Tomczak uploaded a ten-hour video of white noise. Colloquially, white noise is persistent background noise that can be soothing or that you don’t even notice after a while. More technically, white…

How to Check Whether Your Web Connection’s Secure

It’s easy to underestimate how awesome encrypted internet connections are. Sure, they may not sound exciting, but without them, things like our financial details, medical histories, and relationship problems would all be visible to internet providers, or even people on the same network as you….