Delivering On the Open Hybrid Cloud Promise with Kubernetes

When it comes to multicloud, containers are among the most compelling technologies to emerge over the past few years, allowing applications to start faster, use less memory and run anywhere. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Delivering On the Open Hybrid Cloud Promise with Kubernetes

Protecting Users and Endpoints in a Multicloud World

One of the pillars of Cisco’s multicloud strategy is Cloud Protect, which includes two key solutions that we’ve designed to help steer users away from malicious destinations or, if they find themselves in a dangerous place, to protect their devices and the data on them….

Your Guide to The Multicloud World, Part 1

The world is going multicloud. Organizations seeking the efficiency, speed, scalability and reduced costs the cloud promises, are rapidly moving applications and data out of their on-premises environments and into the private and public clouds, and increasingly – for high availability and disaster recovery –…

Cloud Unfiltered Podcast, Episode 33: Shannon McFarland

Are we all comfortable with the term “multicloud” yet? Used to be that we just had “the cloud,” then “public and private clouds,” then “hybrid cloud,” and now it seems that most companies are running a little bit of everything, so we needed a new…