Illegal guns find way to Canada alongside drugs via dark web

The RCMP has warned about criminals using dark web marketplaces and modern virtual currencies (which are generally hard to track due to the high anonymity offered by the two,) to sell illegal guns and drugs online, shipping them using creative techniques. The warning comes as…

China Raids Fentanyl Factories with Void Update on Two Darknet Wanted Drug Lords

The recent rise of fentanyl sales on Darknet marketplaces has been attributed to many factors. The one underlying reason for such an explosion having a spillover effect on the streets of the United States of America is the hidden set up of factories in China….

Research: Exploring the Regulation System and Market Culture of AlphaBay

Legal marketplaces are governed by federal state law, and market participants hold the right to resort to legal recourse whenever they might be faced with fraudulent behavior. Law enforcement promotes insurance, stability and transparency of commerce taking place across legal markets. Interestingly enough, illegal markets…

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