Amber Rudd Launches Government Crackdown on Dark web

Amber Rudd, a home secretary, and a conservative politician has revealed the plan of the government to provide funds to help in the fight against cybercrime and illicit Darkweb sales. Considering that fact that every country does not take cybersecurity lightly, the United Kingdom treats…

UK Government to Announce £9m Dark Web Crackdown on Drugs and Firearms

UK Home Secretary Ms. Amber Rudd is scheduled to announce a £9m budget allocation in order to set aside sufficient funding to boost the fight against the dark web criminals and drug dealers operating in the darkest corners of the internet selling drugs and firearms…

Three Austrians Charged for Darknet Distribution

In late 2017, the Salzburg National Police Directorate (LPD) raided the home of a suspected darknet drug dealer. The suspect is a 26-year-old from the Pongau district of Salzburg, Austria. Authorities accused him of buying drugs on the darknet to use and to resell. The…

Pedophile Caught Storing Pictures on an iCloud Server

From his home in Longford, Ireland, 51-year-old Sylvio Rose downloaded some of the worst pictures and videos of child abuse that both the case investigator and judge had ever seen. The man download nearly 50,000 pictures and videos of boys and girls under the age…

Cisco Donates $50 Million to Destination: Home

Cisco to Provide Destination: Home with $50 Million Over Five Years to Help End Homelessness in Santa Clara County More RSS Feed: … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Cisco Donates $50 Million to Destination: Home

Our Commitment to End Homelessness in Santa Clara County

Cisco announces a five-year, $50 million commitment to Destination: Home, a San Jose-based public-private partnership that provides permanent housing to homeless people, thereby changing the trajectory of their lives. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Our Commitment to End Homelessness in Santa Clara County

Accelerating Portugal’s Digital Transformation

Portugal is home to one of Europe’s most promising technology ecosystems. Lisbon hosts Web Summit, one of the largest and fastest-growing tech conferences in the world, and Portugal’s startup community… VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Accelerating Portugal’s Digital Transformation