Google’s new messaging app ‘Chat’ prone to cyber attacks, warns Amnesty

Google’s decision to launch a new messaging service called “Chat” without end-to-end encryption shows utter contempt for the privacy of Android users and has handed a precious gift to cybercriminals and government spies alike, Amnesty … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Google’s new messaging app ‘Chat’…

EU Privacy Officials Back Strong Crypto

The Article 29 Working Party has released a statement on encryption policy. The Working Party stated “strong and efficient encryption is a necessity in order to guarantee the protection of individuals with regard to the confidentiality and integrity of their data which are the elementary…

Encrypted Traffic Analytics Receives “Miercom Performance Verified” Certification

Encryption is becoming an increasingly prevalent aspect of digital communications – even when it comes to malware. A Cisco analysis of more than 400,000 malicious binaries found that about VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Encrypted Traffic Analytics Receives “Miercom Performance Verified” Certification

What do security certificates actually do?

In a previous post we saw the effect of encryption, trying to make content unreadable to anyone watching your traffic. Great, you may think, my DuckDuckGo searches are safe! Yes, but only if it’s really DuckDuckGo at the other end of your connection. There are…

Cyber Wars: Backdoors Are Open Doors – YouTube

Why are law enforcement agencies asking for encryption backdoors, and what would be the cost of compromised data protection? PKWARE’s Cyber Wars roundtable discussions bring together industry experts to identify our most serious cybersecurity challenges and the solutions that can address them.

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