Congressmembers Raise Doubts About the “Going Dark” Problem

In the wake of a damning report by the DOJ Office of Inspector General (OIG), Congress is asking questions about the FBI’s handling of the locked iPhone in the San Bernardino case and its repeated claims that widespread encryption is leading to a “Going Dark”…

Artificial intelligence is more powerful than ever. How do we hold it accountable?

… be prevented. But “asking” the artificial intelligence under the hood is a … well. How do we hold artificial intelligence accountable — how do we assess … proceedings following such a crash. Artificial intelligence has incredible potential, but good … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE…

Cyber Wars: Backdoors Are Open Doors – YouTube

Why are law enforcement agencies asking for encryption backdoors, and what would be the cost of compromised data protection? PKWARE’s Cyber Wars roundtable discussions bring together industry experts to identify our most serious cybersecurity challenges and the solutions that can address them.

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