Crime Stoppers Focuses on Darknet to Launch Crystal meth Campaign

In response to drug abuse data released in Port Augusta, crime stoppers have decided to go all out to launch a campaign against it. The campaign aims to block the flow of ice into the country with much focus on the Darknet.

Crime Stoppers recently launched a similar campaign which sought to do three things: Make the call, cut the supply, and stop the hurt. According to information, the recent campaign also targets street supplies. However, much focus will be on the Darknet. The country being one of the leading countries with most drug dealers on the Darknet has called for greater monitoring on that side.

The chairperson of the crime stoppers, Sharon Hanlon said to the media that the aim is to look for suppliers and cut their links. “We’re particularly targeting the makers, the dealers and the suppliers of ice… this is not about demonizing the user, we’re looking at the supply chain and trying to cut that,” she said.

According to her, the operation will involve the cooperation of the public by alerting them of any suspicious activity. Any information received from the public and the media will not be treated lightly, and the crime stoppers are ready to sacrifice anything necessary to end the chain of drug distribution.

The problem with the dealings is that some of the people will want to maintain their anonymity after delivering information to the community. With respect to this, the Chairperson has said that people can report any suspicion while remaining anonymous. “Often people will feel powerless, either they don’t know what to do or they’re concerned about retribution or retaliation if they make a call to Crime Stoppers,” she said. “We do everything within our power when someone has made a report maintain their anonymity by stripping the IP address out of the report before it’s handed over to the police,” she added.

In 2014, South Australia made the biggest drug raid in their history, seizing a large number of drugs with the help of detection dogs. Authorities engaged in a serious hunt for drug traffickers after that raid, include the use of FBI-like facial recognition software, but the drug trafficking continues to increase with a high recorded number of drug overdose related deaths. The Darknet has been a place investigators turn to when there is a need to search for the source of frequent drug trafficking, and Australia is one of the few countries with the most Darknet users.

According to a survey released by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey, 15.7 percent of South Australians have used illegal drugs in the last 12 months. The survey also revealed that Darknet related drugs were the most consumed: Cannabis, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, and LSD. In 2014, it was released that 14 percent of secondary school students consumed similar drugs. This has resulted in overdose related deaths in increasing numbers. Between 1999 and 2011, the overdose deaths recorded ranged between the ages of 15 – 54. This value has increased, calling for crime stoppers to come to the rescue.

The activities of Crime Stoppers have led to several arrests and discoveries with the most recent one including the discovery of two drug labs. The chairperson said that a piece of information obtained by this group can lead to an arrest. She further added that Crystal methamphetamine or Ice usage and dealings are on the rise and they will do anything within their power to stop it.

In recent years, drug abuse seems to have taken a new dimension with a lot of youths involved. Authorities have tried to stop it by arresting vendors and shutting down online platforms, but they all seem to have had minimal impact. A campaign against internet drug sales was launched by the South Australia police in 2016, and they seem to continue with it.

“Crime Stoppers” is an independent community organization that works to reduce crime in South Australia. They are not the police, but they work in collaboration with the media and the public to accomplish their task. They obtain information about criminals with the help of the public and convey it to the police.

Since 1999, they have helped to solve about 30,000 crimes. They have also used their initiatives to discover drug labs, online traffickers and recovered properties worth $8.8 million. They work with the federal government to deliver crime detection campaigns. This includes campaigns about online fraud. Today, they have shifted their focus to the dark web.

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Crime Stoppers Focuses on Darknet to Launch Crystal meth Campaign


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