Reddit Just Banned /R/DarkNetmarkets – Biggest Darknet Subreddit

Discussing darknet market information on the internet has grown increasingly more difficult as site owners question the content posted by people involved in some of the well-known communities. Reddit, the primary site for darknet-related conversation on the clearnet, just banned the biggest darknet subreddit.

Reddit banned /r/darknetmarkets. According to the new homepage of the former information hub, the community violated Reddit’s illegal transaction rules. Specifically, “this subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s policy against transactions involving prohibited goods or services.” Reddit, like many discussion forums or boards online, allows only the discussion of (some) illegal content. Reddit strictly forbids direct deals when they invoice illegal content. The subreddit, in the opinion of the Reddit staff behind the ban, violated Reddit’s rules about the sourcing of illegal drugs.

The subreddit moderators also strictly forbade sourcing and direct deals. They attempted to abide by Reddit’s rules. The moderators also successfully deleted posts containing drug sourcing. With that said, the subreddit existed primarily as a source of darknet drug market addresses. An authoritative source like that subreddit’s superlist kept users from losing money to the plethora of darknet market clones that exist only to steal bitcoin, monero, and other cryptocurrency. DeepDotWeb keeps a similarly authoritative and trusted source of links for the same purpose.

Some knew r/darknetmarkets had reached the last few weeks of existence. Some thought the strict rule enforcement by the mods would protect the subreddit. It survived the 2015 Evolution ban. It did survive the January bans of the DNM UK and DNM OZ subreddits. Since then, Reddit has been systematically eliminating darknet subreddits with even a hint of sourcing. Not just darknet subreddits; they banned subs that existed solely for sourcing too (a fake ID sub and a harm-reduction subreddit for heroin users). They banned Xanaxcartel and other subreddits centered on Xanax dealing on the darknet. They banned a couple marijuana subreddits. Now, in March 2018, Reddit staff really made their opinions clear.

In addition to the main subreddit, Reddit banned two subreddits for sourcing research chemicals (r/EU_RCSources and RCSources); a second UK darknet market subreddit (r/DarknetUK); and subreddits specific to individual darknet markets (r/RaptureMarket, r/dreammarket2, and r/dream_dnm). The era of discussing darknet markets on the clearnet has likely ended.

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Since /r/darknetmarkets was one of the main source for legitimate links for darknet markets – We urge you to use ONLY link from DeepDotweb to avoid phishing links!

While doing this also be aware that there are many phishing clones of DeepdotWeb, copies of the site with “typos” in the domains name – avoid these at ALL COSTS – if you see any onion link ending with “.top” turn back immedietly, you are on the wrong site. We will post more information once a new credible source has been established.

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Reddit Just Banned /R/DarkNetmarkets – Biggest Darknet Subreddit


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