Mother and Son Head to Prison for Darknet Drug Trafficking


A courtroom in Munich, Germany, heard how a 27-year-old from Lake Starnberg sold drugs to more than 1,000 customers worldwide. The man, Sebastian F., sold drugs on the darknet for several years while operating under pseudonyms (or with partners who used the names online). Sebastian sold under the username “BossRumcheck,” the court heard. Not only did Sebastian sell drugs under the “BossRumcheck” username, he also helped his partner, a vendor known only as “Heisenberg,” with their darknet operation.

The prosecution estimated that Sebastian had earned almost 80,000 euros between 2014 and his 2017 arrest. The man, a computer technician by trade, sold amphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, hashish, and other substances in less substantial quantities. Thanks to the work of the investigators responsible for Sebastian’s capture, they know that he also functioned as one of the primary shippers for Heisenberg. Heisenberg, a vendor from Hesse who managed to remain anonymous, tasked Sebastian with receiving packages from suppliers and then shipping products to customers.

Numerous package seizures helped investigators discover that the former darknet vendor had sold at least 20 kilograms of marijuana, two kilograms of amphetamine, 100 grams of cocaine, and at least 600 ecstasy pills. Prosecutor Michael Meyer and several police officers testified that the man’s life unravelled “like a bad gangster movie.” The judge told the defendant’s mother that her son had a “considerable criminal energy.”

Both the mother and son faced the judge for drug crimes. Law enforcement, during the course of their investigation into the son, discovered that the mother had been willingly receiving packages of drugs on behalf of her son. The two lived together prior to the 27-year-old’s arrest. The judge sentenced the 68-year-old mother to 10 months in prison.

When the police raided the house where “BossRumcheck” lived, they seized his computer equipment. Before the man gave police and investigators a full confession (and his passwords), the authorities found more than 500 files depicting child abuse in one form or another. Sebastian admitted he had a ‘problem’ with ‘child pornography’ and drug abuse. He also admitted that he was guilty of the charges he faced. He gave the investigators the passwords to his encrypted accounts. “The police might not have gotten the data otherwise,” the judge said. Sebastian also helped the police track packages. He undoubtedly turned on “Heisenberg.”

Because of the defendant’s “true remorse,” the judge issued a sentence of six years and nine months imprisonment. The judge reminded the man that the sentence could have and would have been much stricter if not for Sebastian’s cooperation with police.

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Mother and Son Head to Prison for Darknet Drug Trafficking

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