25.02.18 Dark Web and Cybercrime Roundup


UK Fentanyl Vendor Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

A Dream vendor known as ‘Soviet Bear’ received an eight year prison sentence and a harsh warning from Cardiff Crown Court Judge Eleri Rees. UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) discovered that a 25-year-old from Newport named Kyle Enos operated the vendor account. The Crown Prosecution Service proved, at a hearing that later resulted in a guilty plea, that Enos had sold heroin, fentanyl, and other drugs for years under the ‘Soviet Bear’ pseudonym.

The court heard about Enos’ activities from the NCA’s Colin Williams. Williams said that Enos had played “Russian roulette with the lives of drug users.” According to the NCA, Enos’ drugs led to fatal overdoses in the UK and possibly elsewhere. The prosecution only pressed drug distribution related charges. For those charges, Judge Eleri Rees sentenced Enos to eight years in prison.

Two Darknet Dealers Arrested in Russia

In Rostov-on-Don, Russia, the authorities arrested two alleged drug dealers who played a role in an international criminal investigation. The so-called “key players” arrested by the Customs Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs helped this international crime group distribute large quantities of drugs throughout Russia.

German authorities made five package interceptions in January 2018. Authorities later discovered that the packages had come from a darknet vendor. The seized drugs were valued at $500,000, according to a press release issued by Russian authorities.

Man Sentenced After Package Interception in France

After Customs in France intercepted five packages of drugs in 2017, French authorities began investigating a 25-year-old Chateau-Thierry resident named Adel Belkacem. The seized packages contained 117 grams of amphetamine, 109 ecstasy pills, 48 grams of ketamine, and 64 grams of marijuana. They arrested him in May 2017.

The arrest came with a package of drugs; an undercover customs agent delivered the package and arrested Belkacem soon afterwards. Evidence in the house proved that Belkacem had been ordering from from the darknet on a routine basis. They never proved that he resold the drugs. For possessing the drugs, a judge sentenced Belkacem to nine months in prison.

Man Arrested For Selling Darknet Drugs to College Students

Authorities in Iowa and in Ohio arrested two Iowa men for allegedly supplying drugs to two students in Athens, Ohio. According to the authorities, the men in Iowa used the darknet to supply the Athens college students. The college students, in turn, sold the drugs to other college students and payed the darknet dealers in bitcoin.

‘Operation Mirum’ and ‘Operation Decrypt’

Dutch police conducted a national campaign of February 14 and 15 that targeted users of Hansa market. They called the campaign and related criminal charges “Operation Mirum.” The police knocked on the doors of 37 users who ordered (for the most part) small quantities of ecstacy pills and personal amounts of marijuana. They arrested only one person who ordered more than what the police considered a “personal amount.”

Although US authorities have not released any information that confirms their involvement in the operation, the Netherlands press release said the DEA ran an identical campaign in the US. The DEA can called their knock-and-talk’ campaign “Operation Decrypt.”

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25.02.18 Dark Web and Cybercrime Roundup

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