Mumbai Polive Searches for a Wat Into The Dark Web


The dark web continues to do more damage every day. Despite the numerous efforts that many law enforcement agencies and government across the globe are doing, it still isn’t enough to put a stop to it. Many criminals are in bed with the dark part of the internet and do not intend to stop anytime soon due to the freedom they enjoy over there. Many countries have seen their streets flooded with illegal drugs which are causing death tolls to rise and thanks to the dark web.

Illicit drugs which under any circumstances wouldn’t be sold because of its status can be easily acquired on the dark web which has caused drug abusers to embrace this new reality, making the fight against the dark web a very difficult one.

The United States, Canada and countries in Europe have been bleeding from the harm that the dark web is causing. Many arrests have been made so far but still hasn’t helped the situation. For instance, drug overdose deaths in the U.S., skyrocketed last year up to 21%. From, 52,000 the number rose to 63,600 within just a year and this was attributed to the opioid epidemic which was caused by drugs from the dark web.

However, one country has also been on the receiving end of the dark web’s harm–India. For a few years now, Indians have gotten on the dark web train, committing all kinds of crimes there is to commit on the dark web.

Rustom Juneja, a marijuana-smoker, last year told investigators he used to get his drugs from local dealers in his neighborhood until he got bored of “Indian product” and decided to switch to the dark web in 2015. “I brought strains of marijuana from the U.S. and Canada, from a marketplace on the dark web,” he stated.

Just as many countries, law enforcement agencies in the country have been trying all possible means to put a stop to the situation. Just last year, many arrests were made involving the sales of drugs ordered from the dark web.

Reports now claim that Mumbai police have taken a new approach in trying to halt this situation by joining in on the action. The police are trying to find a way to enter the dark web to stop the supply of illegal drugs.

According to the Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC), most dark web drug dealers have their identity protected by using the special software Tor, which provides them anonymity. Users on this website, therefore, enjoy some high-level encrypted protection, making it difficult for them to be caught.

DCP Shivdeep Lande of the ANC stated that they learned about the dark web after interrogating five students who were arrested in May last year for possessing illegal drugs (1,400 LSD tabs and ecstasy) of which they ordered from the dark web to an Indian friend in the United States. “They used to send money using Bitcoin to him, and he would then place an order for drugs on the dark web and would get the drugs delivered to the youngsters’ delivery address,” Mr. Lande stated.

Prashant Mali, a cyber-expert advocate also explained that normally, global suppliers do not deceive their buyers, as it would be bad for the growth of their business. However, when this happens, the customers then alert others about the seller in the various chat rooms on the dark web. “The cheaters are then blocked,” he added.

He then urged the Indian Law enforcement agencies to create a Cyber Spy Force to follow the trend in the virtual world and take measures to stop it.

A senior official with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in New Delhi also stepped in saying that the dark web is just something used to hide identity and that there is more to drug dealings over there. He states that, once a buyer places an order, it needs to be processed and that requires a physical residence.

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Mumbai Polive Searches for a Wat Into The Dark Web

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