Allwine Sentenced to Life in Prison for First Degree Murder

In Cottage Grove, Minnesota, Judge B. William Ekstrum sentenced 44-year-old Stephen Allwine to life in prison without parole for the murder of his wife. Only days before the sentencing, a jury deliberated eight hours before finding Allwine guilty of murdering his wife and trying to make the death look like a suicide. Life in prison is the mandatory sentence in first-degree murder cases.

The Washington County prosecutor who tried the case, Fred Fink, said that in his 43 years as a prosecutor, Allwine’s case was “probably the most complex case [he had] ever tried.” DeepDotWeb has followed Allwine’s case ever since officials revealed Allwine’s charges and the details surrounding his case. His Criminal Complaint contained a goldmine of information, both about Allwine’s case and about the “murder-for-hire” site Besa Mafia. If drugging and shooting his wife would not have been difficult enough to successfully hide, investigators found that Allwine tried—several times—to hire hitmen from Besa Mafia, a fake darknet site for ordering contract killings. Besa Mafia no longer exists.

“Besa Mafia was a fraud, yes,” Fred Fink told reporters.

After his wife’s death, authorities found irregularities in the blood found in the Allwine’s home. Blood had pooled around Stephen Allwine’s wife, Amy Allwine, but it wound up in other parts of the house too. Investigators found blood in rooms where it could not have been. They found evidence that someone had walked through the house with blood on their feet and then cleaned up the footprints and blood spatter that did not fit the story provided by Allwine. And in cases with blood spatter and spray, “clean” in the eyes of a civilian and “clean” in the eyes of a forensic investigator mean two different things.

The government’s case started making even more sense once the FBI found connections between Allwine’s phones and Dream market forum posts asking how to purchase Scopolamine on the darknet. Amy Allwine had a high concentration of Scopolamine in her blood, investigators found. After the Besa Mafia hack, the world could see messages between “dogdaygod” and Besa Mafia. The Besa Mafia admin kept painting scenarios for dogdaygod where a hitman would murder his wife. Dogdaygod kept paying too. The fantasy sold by Besa Mafia eventually became too costly for dogdaygod.

But in one of the bitcoin wallets, or cached files on his computer containing bitcoin addresses, investigators found a bitcoin address where dogdaygod had sent thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin. There are very few possible reasons Allwine and dogdaygod could both have a bitcoin address used by the Besa Mafia admin. Either Allwine was dogdaygod or Allwine was the Besa Mafia admin. Since bank withdrawals matched, to some degree, the payments made to Besa Mafia, authorities safely assumed that Allwine was not the Besa Mafia admin.

“You are an incredible actor, a hypocrite, and a cold and calculating killer,” Judge Ekstrum told Allwine.

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Allwine Sentenced to Life in Prison for First Degree Murder


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