Anonymous Postal & Delivery Services – Could it work?

With Darknet Market use growing, there is an increasing amount of deliveries being seized. Is there potential for an anonymous postal service in which orders get delivered under the radar, or is it just not possible?

The deep web is often used as a means of anonymously ordering goods – normally anything other than what you’d call legal. With this in mind, it’s probably not a big surprise that a fair percentage of people who order illegal things online get their deliveries seized. While the legal consequences aren’t normally severe, for people investing large amounts of money into their market orders, it can become a big problem.

Having an Anonymous Postal service won’t just be beneficial for people who have great concerns over their anonymity, but it would provide a handful of people with part time jobs and allow people to get expensive packages delivered safely. You’re probably wondering how’d this work.

Here’s a brief idea:

Let’s say there is a platform hosted over Tor called Anon Packages.

Anon Packages allows people to sign up as a buyer or someone to deliver.

People who want to get something delivered can send their darknet order to a universal address in which is owned by Anon Packages or tell the vendor to drop it off– this address might change often.

People that want to get part time work can then sign in to Anon Packages and select a delivery job of their choice. Most likely, one that is very near to them.

That delivery person then needs to make a deposit to cover the value of the goods. If one doesn’t deliver a package or decides to steal it, that deposit won’t be refunded.

Once the buyer gets their package delivered within a set time limit, then the buyer can set the order as received and Anon Packages will provide payment to the delivery person. User feedback can then be given.

While the idea above might work, in reality, it just doesn’t seem feasible. For starters, someone delivering drugs would be classed as in possession of or of smuggling – for someone to be willing to deliver such items, they’ll expect a reasonable amount of money. While small packages might not be worth the price, only people ordering large quantities of substance would be willing to pay at a high price.

Next is the availability of people to deliver. Unlike big postal companies, private delivery people won’t have access to planes and ships making it unlikely for international delivery. And while you could buy locally, most people outside of America are buying nationwide from places such as the Netherlands. People would be better off going with UPS and taking the risk, especially once you consider what the prices of drugs might be like inside certain countries.

Is there even a need for such services?

Source: BBC Newsbeat Article

Here’s what Newsbeat, a branch of the BBC said, after constructing an experiment of their own.

‘Newsbeat obtained MDMA, cannabis and former legal high, Spice using Bitcoin on the dark web, a collection of thousands of websites that use anonymity tools to hide their IP address.

This part of the internet also contains a marketplace for drugs like heroin and steroids – as well as weapons and fraudulent documents.

We accessed the dark web via the Tor browser, free software which conceals users’ identities and their online activity from surveillance.

Deliveries to a PO Box took around a week to arrive.

When they did, we gave them to a government-approved lab for testing and destruction.’

An ecstasy pill the BBC bought on the dark web arrived wrapped inside a packet of Haribo sweets.

“Unless there are massive raids on markets any time soon,” causing “a loss of consumer confidence,” this hidden drug market will keep growing, says Chris Monteiro after an interview with the BBC, an independent cybersecurity expert and researcher.

‘Patrick’, someone who works for the Royal Mail, told the BBC that it’s illegal for him to open suspect parcels and there’s ‘nothing he can do about it’.

“You tell the managers and all they say is you need to deliver it.”

He also added: “If it’s got a stamp on it, you post it. We don’t have drug dogs to smell every parcel. We don’t have the resources to X-ray every parcel. We just have to deliver it and take the risk.”

“I’ve spent 14 years as a postman in uniform and I have never seen a drug dog.”

“Our job is to deliver it safely to the customer.”

For many places such as the UK, getting illegal drugs seized isn’t of high concern. The delivery services are more concerned on preventing much more severe items such as weapons due to the vast amount of orders that take place on the Darknet. Is it a similar scenario in your country – let me know!

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Anonymous Postal & Delivery Services – Could it work?

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