Malaysian Pilot Tests Positive for Darknet Related Drug in Indonesia

The random drug test conducted at the Indonesian airports by the ministry and the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has begun to show positive signs fishing out the drug offenders. The Indonesian authorities on December 30, 2017 arrested a Malaysian pilot for testing positive for Darknet related drug called methamphetamine.

During one of their routine checks aimed to prevent dangers through a random test on pilots and crews, authorities at the Batam’s Hang Nadim International Airport arrested the Malaysian pilot.

The National Narcotic Agency of Indonesia in 2017 also arrested a co-pilot who tested positive for a urine test conducted among 94 crews at the Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

The impact of Darknet drugs with their sweeping effects has been very easily accessible making them difficult to be controlled. Europol stated that the previous operation was a model for future ones. Upon the realization that most workers consume these dangerous drugs, especially, pilots, authorities have ensured that this becomes a daily routine.

The 34-year-old Malaysian pilot who was scheduled to fly from Batam to Subang did not only test positive for methamphetamine but was also in possession of illicit drugs.

After a search, authorities seized 1.9 grams of methamphetamines, including meth pipe, and a piece of aluminum foil. The agency’s head has confirmed that the arrested pilot is in the BNN Agency Riau’s office.

Authorities refused to reveal his identity as the investigation has not been concluded yet. The dangers imposed on passengers are wide, making authorities call on crews to abstain from any form of drug consumption. In respect to the recent rise of drugs emanating from the Darknet, the Indonesian authorities have taken proactive measures by setting up medical facilities at the various airports. However, this does not deter pilots and crew to abstain from drug consumption.

Bambang Susantono, the deputy transport minister has assured the general public that they will continue with the random check. “This is a matter of safety, so we shouldn’t play around. On the matter of sanctions for pilots, it is, of course, the revocation of their licenses and a strong reprimand for the airline.”

The spokesperson of the airline has said that they do not tolerate drug consumption of their pilots and crew, as the laid down rules will take effect when they are flouted. “Any employee who is found guilty will have their employment terminated and will be surrendered to the relevant authorities,” he said. He also confirmed the arrest of the pilot. “We are aware that one of our pilots is detained in Batam for drug issues. Investigations are underway on this.”

Random Darknet Related Drug Test, A War against Drugs

The country has for the recent year experienced a higher rate of drug influx. With respect to this, the Indonesian government has embarked on a campaign to eradicate the influx of low-cost methamphetamine into the country. Last year, they seized the largest amount of methamphetamine in their history of drug busts. This impacted drivers and pilots.

The number of years the Malaysian pilot will be sentenced is not clear; however, if the prosecution will go by the announcement of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, subjecting drug offenders to four years, then he will face the same sentence.

Human Rights Watch, a group based out of New York has criticized the countries campaign of totally demolishing drugs. “President Joko Widodo should send a clear and public message to the police that efforts to address the complex problems of drugs and criminality require the security forces to respect everyone’s basic rights, not demolish them.”

In 2015, Indonesia conducted a random drug test on a pilot of AirAsia, testing positive. With respect to this, the airline suspended him. This occurred following a plane crash involving 166 deaths. Some authorities blame the existence of the Darknet marketplace for their drug woes.

Methamphetamine, for instance, is sold on the various Darknet marketplaces. As part of the Darknet drugs control, Interpol created Darknet training course to raise awareness. With their influx into the streets, authorities have attempted series of operations closing down some renowned marketplaces.

Author: Sam Jona


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