Saddened by cyber attacks, says director Roshni Dinaker


Roshni Dinaker

There seems to be no respite to the cyberbullying against Parvathy and the latest is the immense ‘dislikes’ her song Pathungi Pathungi… from the movie My Story has garnered.Ever since it was released, the foot-tapping love track has garnered over 64,000 ‘dislikes’,  a continuation of the online harassment aimed at Parvathy post her stance on misogyny in cinema.And, director Roshni Dinaker, who marks her debut through My Story, says she is deeply saddened by the attacks against Parvathy and My Story.

“It is very sad. I think the hate campaign is a paid conspiracy. The kind of abusive words used by these people on my Facebook page against Parvathy is an indicator of what she is subjected to,” she says.
The director says that the whole incident prompts her to rethink about the cultural values she believes a
Malayali posess.  “The sad part is that we have roped in the bests of the talents like cinematographer
Dudley and sound designer Biswadeep Chatterjee. They already have a great career but they chose to work in Malayalam for the great experience and this is what we give them in return,” she says.

However, Roshni is unfazed by the hate campaign. She believes that the content is the king. “My Story is a collective effort of over 200 people. A lot of us have made sacrifices for the movie. At the end of the day, I believe we, including Parvathy and Prithviraj, have put our 100 percent for the movie. I am sure that My Story will do well in theatres if people find the content interesting,” says the director. My Story, shot  in Portugal, will hit the screens in March.According to Roshni, it is a very relatable tale. “Of course, there is more to it that you see. It is a love story that everybody connects to,” she adds.

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