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Tazi and Vispera are two companies in Turkey that develop global solutions with artificial intelligence technology which reduces the error rate for retail stores by following the shelves more precisely than humans and can capture credit card fraud and make accurate evaluations on who can pay back loans

It is impossible to escape artificial intelligence in the fields with which human mind and talents cannot keep up. In Turkey, we have important scientists specializing in artificial intelligence, enriching the academic work of their universities and creating economic value through their enterprises. Vispera and Tazi, which were founded by two successful female entrepreneurs and academics and are quite successful in generating solutions, shared their project with the participants at the Turkey Artificial Intelligence Summit organized by Gelecekhane. Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions are used in many fields from the internet of things to production, banking and financial institutions to telecommunication technologies.

AI’s eye on the shelves

Founded by professor Aytül Erçil from Boğaziçi University, Vispera develops solutions for the retail sector with the ability to find mistakes more accurately, faster and more effectively than human eyes with artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning and image processing technologies. Image processing technology makes it possible to instantly follow shelves in retail chains. While removing human errors, it provides brands with the opportunity to instantly display their position on the shelves, the number of products and the position of the competitors. Thus, it is possible to take early precautions in the store according to the competitor or the stock without wasting any time. Perhaps in the future, even product distribution and regulation on shelves can be done with robots.

Enemy of fraud

Professor Zehra Çataltepe from Istanbul Technical University served overseas for many years before coming back to Turkey. Founded by Zehra Çataltepe and her husband Tanju Çataltepe two-and-a-half years ago,, an enterprise specialized in artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning, develops solutions in different fields from finance to telecommunication., which received 1 million euros in investment, is supporting the solution developed by BKM to develop measures against credit card copying. Artificial intelligence technologies are also used in determining the maintenance priorities of very expensive devices.

Eye on competitors

Two of the areas where artificial intelligence is often used are artificial intelligence and image processing technology. Vispera, which brings a new solution to the retail sector in particular, strengthens its staff with new investments. This system transforms the fast consumption brands’ desire to see the shelf share into instant processes. Vispera solves the shelf position and quantity of the products in the stores and the shelf share analysis of the competitors with instantaneous image processing technology. It even makes it possible to control the price tag with camera images.

In doing so, it ensures that correct detection of which of the products in similar packages are sold. With three international patents, Vispera is able to produce innovative reports that will attract the attention of international retail giants. Vispera recently received $1.2 million from Logo Ventures.

Flowing data

Zehra Çataltepe said that they must work according to a scenario which is defined as “flowing data,” not big data.

“We have to create scenarios on instantly changing data. With the enterprise, we can offer fast and agile solutions with target-oriented machine learning,” Çataltepe said. “By following consumer behavior, we can predict that any unusual changes will be a messenger of any fraud. We have an important experience in the telecom and finance sector.”

Investment of the week

The amount of investment provided by Keiretsu Forum Turkey in 11Sight, which offers an easy-to-use video call platform for businesses, has reached nearly TL 1 million ($260,000). 11Sight, which received an initial investment of TL 620,000, reached a significant investment amount of approximately TL 1 million after being re-evaluated by its investors and receiving further investment.

11Sight aims to help companies improve their sales performance by using video calls in the sales process, without the need for end users to load any applications or share contact information.

The enterprise, met with great interest along with the increasingly changing sales and marketing methods, has been used by 460 companies including Real Estate, Pinc Solutions and European Auto Center, while the number of video calls through 11Sight has increased by about 100 percent in the last five months. 11Sight, which received a total investment of TL 1 million from Keiretsu Forum Turkey and will run a pilot project with Tofaş, is expected to turn its next steps toward global companies.

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