Russia’s Globex bank says hackers tried to steal 55 million roubles fr


MOSCOW (Reuters) – Hackers tried to steal 55 million roubles ($940,000) from Russian state bank Globex using the SWIFT international payments messaging system, the bank said on Thursday.

Valery Ovsyannikov, the bank’s president, told Reuters via the press service that the attempted attack had occurred last week, but that “customer funds have not been affected”.

Sources familiar with the situation had previously told the Kommersant daily that the bank had spotted the attack and had been able to partly prevent it, and that as a result the hackers only withdrew around $100,000.

Globex is a part of the state development bank VEB. VEB plans to transfer Globex to the state property management agency, sources familiar with the talks told Reuters this week.

Earlier this week, Kommersant reported that hackers had attacked a Russian bank and withdrawn funds via the SWIFT banking system. It did not name the bank at the time.

On the day of the first report by Kommersant, Dec. 19, SWIFT’s Russian branch, ROSSWIFT, said there was no evidence to suggest that there had been any unauthorized access to SWIFT’s network or messaging services.

On its website, ROSSWIFT said about 500 leading Russian banks and organizations were currently users of SWIFT.

Reporting by Katya Golubkova; additional reporting by Tatiana Voronova and Lena Fabrichanaya, editing by Ralph Boulton

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