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Establishing the Brand Identity is essential for any business to gain positive recognition among their potential customers. Businesses use social media marketing, video advertising and other techniques to promote their brand. Designing a unique and powerful logo for your business is crucial as it reflects your brand values and acts as the face of your brand.

Artificial Intelligence is starting to influence every part of our life and branding is one space where it can be used creatively. AI and other innovations in the branding industry have skyrocketed in the last few years. With advanced chatbots like Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, customers are more likely to engage with such AI-based conversational interfaces than human beings. AI-based tools have the ability to learn and iterate to provide optimized results and Artificial Intelligence Marketing has become a buzz word in the branding industry. AI-based tools have caused a radical shift in brand engagement and social media marketing.


Artificial intelligence based tools can help marketing teams uncover hidden insights into customer behaviour, figure out purchasing trends and various other critical data. In future, AI can support language-driven customer experiences and offer better ways for customers to interact with brands. Chatbots are one category of AI technology which can be used to reinforce your brand identity and provide personalized experiences to your customers. For instance, Amazon Echo has a camera which helps it to provide personality-driven fashion advice. Similarly, companies are trying to use AI technology to offer personalized product recommendations.  Using Artificial intelligence to understand the style and preferences of your customers based on data analytics can help your brand to offer relevant product suggestions and entice your customers.

Artificial Intelligence marketing is an innovative approach to collect valuable customer data and automate the process of analysing, interpreting and figuring out the best way to use such data. Natural language processing, Machine learning algorithms and Big data analytics are helping brands to interpret the emotions of their customers from open form content like emails, social media posts etc. AI solutions can also provide insights on customer behaviour based on their social media profiles, past search history and online shopping trends. Such data can assist brands in offering personalized experiences to their customers and create a strong brand identity. It can also help marketing experts in delivering tailored content which is engaging for their target audience and smarter ads.

There are several products based on Artificial Intelligence already available in the market for Graphic design, Logo design, Web design, and Social media marketing. Tailor Brands is a platform which offers branding tools for your business using advanced machine learning algorithms. You can use such platforms to design your company logo, social media pages and various other marketing elements.

Visual branding is very important for any business and your company’s logo represents the face of your brand. Apart from logos, your social media pages should also reflect your brand values and create a positive impression on your target audience. With advanced tools using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques, you can create amazing logos and other graphic elements instantly. Also, using AI-based tools for design will be cost-effective when compared to hiring professional designers. Hence, they are an ideal choice for start-ups and small businesses running on a tight budget.

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