Fox-IT gets hit by cyber attack

Security vendor Fox-IT, a provider of major ICT projects for the Dutch government and banks, said it was the target of a cyber attack on 19 September. It is not yet known who the attackers were or what their motivation was, the company said. About 12 files were stolen, including three confidential documents. Fox-IT has informed both the Dutch privacy watchdog Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens and the police of the theft.

Fox-IT noted that no state secrets have been stolen. It took ten hours to correct the consequences of the cyber attack, which according to the company is quite fast. The attack was carried out on the ClientPortal service, used by Fox-IT for contact with customer IT systems. The attackers managed to intercept data traffic from the service and to forward it to their own servers. They also obtained control over Fox-IT mail systems for a short time.

The 9 users who logged in during the attack on the ClientPortal received passwords from the attackers. Fox-IT emphasized that the passwords could be used, since they also require an SMS code.

Author: administrator