Writing complex macros in Rust: Reverse Polish Notation

(This is a crosspost of a tutorial originally published on my personal blog) Among other interesting features, Rust has a powerful macro system. Unfortunately, even after reading The Book and various tutorials, when it came to trying to implement a macro which involved processing complex…

Tutorial | Adding custom tokens to My Ether Wallet – YouTube

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to add a custom token to My Ether Wallet. This process might be followed if you have participated in an ICO and My Ether Wallet has not yet updated the ERC20 token list, meaning you cannot see your tokens….

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacker Training | Kali Linux Tutorial | 03 – YouTube

********************************************************************* [EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE THE MATERIAL & RESOURCES HAS BEEN UPLOADED ONLY] ********************************************************************* hacking tutorial, ethical hacking for beginers, hacking class, CEH, ethical hacking in hindi full course, free hacking class in hindi, technical expert hackers, How to learn ethical hacking, cyber security scope in india,…

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