Who Wasn’t Responsible for Olympic Destroyer?

This blog post is authored by Paul Rascagneres and Martin Lee. Summary Evidence linking the Olympic Destroyer malware to a specific threat actor group is contradictory, and does not allow… VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Who Wasn’t Responsible for Olympic Destroyer?

Winter Olympics Cyber Attack Vulnerabilities – Computer Business Review

Add to favorites Travis Farral looks into the malicious activity around previous Olympic events, the geo-political instabilities surrounding South Korea, and the likely tactics malicious actors may take. With the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics staged in South Korea this year, there are multiple geo-political instabilities that…

Hackers already targeting 2018 Winter Olympics: researchers

Hackers have already begun targeting the Pyeongchang Olympic Games with malware-infected emails which may be aimed at stealing passwords or financial information, researchers have said. The security firm McAfee said in a report that several organisations associated with the Olympics had received the malicious email…

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