Top 5 Predictions for SMBs in 2018

Predictions for the New Year are as common as eggnog and holiday parties in December. With so many voices and opinions from bloggers, experts and others, it’s easy to become overwhelmed—especially if you are a small or medium-sized business looking for the best opportunities for…

Artificial Intelligence: The magic wand in the hands of a salesman – Times of India

Chennai: Why pay a common motor insurance premium if you’re statistically safer than the rest of the demographic? Insurance companies are aggregating customer data to gauge premiums dynamically. If you are a middle aged man with two kids and drive an SUV, your premiums will…

PoE vs. PoE+. The Main Features Comparison

What is PoE? What is PoE+? PoE vs. PoE+: What’s the difference? These common questions are always being asked by network device buyers. Here we have summarized the main features between PoE and PoE+, which can help you choose PoE products and PoE Plus devices….

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