Artificial intelligence proves major time savings for federal employees

The phrase “artificial intelligence” can stir up a lot of panic at some federal agencies, and can give rise to the idea of intelligent machines putting some employees out of work. However, some federal agencies are embracing the idea of artificial intelligence, and in those…

Turnbull condemns N Korea over cyber attack

AUSTRALIA’S intelligence agencies have confirmed North Korea carried out the massive “WannaCry” cyber attack this year that impacted more than 150 countries earlier this year. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today condemned the rogue nation for the unprecedented cyber attack which hit more than 230,000 computers…

Cyber Wars: Backdoors Are Open Doors – YouTube

Why are law enforcement agencies asking for encryption backdoors, and what would be the cost of compromised data protection? PKWARE’s Cyber Wars roundtable discussions bring together industry experts to identify our most serious cybersecurity challenges and the solutions that can address them.

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