Lithuania probes TV station cyber attack which published fake news…

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Press Association

A probe has been launched into a cyber attack against a Lithuanian TV station.

The commercial outlet TV3 said it was hacked late on Thursday, with a fake news story appearing on the channel’s website accusing defence minister Raimundas Karoblis of sexually harassing a local radio journalist.

Defence vice minister Edvinas Kerza told reporters the national cyber security centre is investigating the case.

The IP address was traced to Russia

The IP address was traced to Russia

The IP address was traced to Russia

He added that the IP address of the hacker had been traced to St Petersburg in Russia.

He said: “This may hinder the investigation, as Russia is usually not very helpful when investigating cyber crimes.”

Earlier this week, the foreign ministry was forced to deny false but widely published reports that Lithuania had imposed economic sanctions on Mongolia.

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