The best way to Repair a Useless Graphics Card – Hacking-Information & Tutorials

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Ahhh, there’s nothing fairly just like the scent of freshly baked acrylic. Similar to… nobody… used to make?! Till now anyway. Yeah, you heard me proper. We’re going to take your busted video card and throw it within the oven!

WTF?! I hear you say? This isn’t cooking class! Endurance younger grasshopper. I shalt train you the traditional artwork of PCB restore. When your graphics card stops working, like mine did, you could get a crash or visible artifacts. Then your pc could not boot up in any respect. In my case the display went black, the BIOS began chirping at me after I reset the ability and I knew my days of enjoying Mass Impact had been over. I chipped in for a brand new card on Ebay and solemly lay my wasted card to relaxation on the desk, so I might pay tribute to it each day for the 7 years of uninterrupted service this 512 bit hulk had given me. Then in the future, fairly by chance I stumbled upon “the oven trick”. What kind of nonesense is that this, I mused as I started to learn the article and I got here to study that one may resurrect one’s video card merely by nuking it within the oven for 10 minutes.

Absolutely, I believed to myself, absolutely such a feat has no reliability or repeatability. I figured there could also be some fact to it positive. Perhaps some dude lucked out and acquired his working once more pulling this stunt however absolutely it wouldn’t work for the overwhelming majority of failed graphics playing cards?? I imply there are such a lot of hundreds of thousands of transistors in a typical card and one may fail for any variety of causes. How might such a crude and barbaric methodology of throwing a delicate piece of electronics in an oven magically convey it again to life? I laughed to myself and moved on to different actions extra deserving of my time.

However then got here a wet day and I used to be uninterested in nothing to do. I regarded on the $600 paper weight accumulating mud on my pc desk and determined, “what the hell!”. I threw it within the oven, took a leak, grabbed a stick of pepperoni and returned to the kitchen from whence I got here. I retrieved the smoking brick of Radeon from its cookie sheet, put it again collectively and plugged it again into my pc. I used to be half anticipating it to explode the remainder of my pc however to my shock (and delight), it fired up instantly, good as new. I used to be feeling wreckless and “excessive” from the oven fumes so I didn’t waste any time overclocking the cardboard to values above what I used when the cardboard wasn’t busted. Once more I used to be blown away by the truth that it ran Misplaced Planet: Excessive Situation flawlessly on max settings! I felt type of like Dr. Frankenstein who’d simply turned a Salisbury steak again right into a residing cow with nothing greater than a bolt of lightning and a few Liquid Plumber! It was superior. My child had come again to me and now it’s prepared for one more 7 years 😀

Right here’s how one can pull off this wonderful feat your self with virtually no instruments, no expertise and not more than 30 minutes of your time!

The best way to Repair a Damaged Video Card

1) Shut off your pc, disconnect the ability and punctiliously take away the lifeless video card out of your pc.

2) Get a small Phillips head screwdriver and punctiliously start to undo each fastener you could find on the video card. There must be lots of them which maintain collectively issues just like the again panel (the place the monitor plugs in), the cooler meeting and the spring-loaded body that goes over the GPU core. Preserve all screws organized and take away as a lot as attainable from the PCB itself. The objective right here is to don’t have anything left of the cardboard however the circuit board. You wish to take away something non-metallic that isn’t soldered on the board. When all is claimed and achieved you need to be left with a really mild card with a bunch of previous thermal paste overlaying the highest of the GPU die.

three) Utilizing alcohol and a rag, wipe the GPU clear in order that the thermal paste is gone. It will guarantee it doesn’t soften all around the board and make a large number once you bake it.

four) Peel off any labels or stickers, as they may smoulder and burn within the oven.

5) You want to bake the cardboard in mid air. Have a look at the cardboard and discover four spots close to the corners the place there are not any electrical traces, simply naked PCB. Bear in mind these spots and seize some aluminum foil and ball up four items to the identical dimension and place them on a sheet of aluminum foil, which has been laid on a cookie sheet, within the tough areas of the spots on the board you simply recognized. Now place the cardboard down on the balls of foil and fine-tune the positions of the balls so that they prop the cardboard up evenly from the cookie sheet however make sure that the balls don’t contact something metallic on the board itself. You need to now have the cardboard hovering above the cookie sheet on four small aluminum foil balls.

6) Preheat your oven to about 390F. Ensure that it’s at temperature earlier than you place the cookie sheet and card in there.

7) Place the cookie sheet and video card within the oven and begin a timer for simply over eight minutes. I put my card in for 9 minutes however use your discretion. If you happen to get quite a lot of smoke, you could wish to keep on with the eight minutes.

eight) After the timer goes off, take away the cookie sheet and let the entire thing cool naturally. Don’t attempt to speed up cooling by placing it within the fridge or one thing.

9) After the cardboard is again to room temperature, you’ll must receive new thermal grease for the GPU. I don’t suggest making an attempt to re-use the previous grease because it tends to degrade over the lifetime of the cardboard and received’t make nearly as good of a thermal bridge the second time round. Use new thermal grease to evenly coat your complete floor of the GPU. Don’t put an excessive amount of however make sure that your complete floor is roofed.

10) Mate the cooler meeting with the cardboard itself so the warmth sink engages with the brand new thermal grease and begin doing up all of the fasteners so the cooler is held in intimate contact with the GPU.

11) Set up all different fasteners within the reverse order that you simply eliminated them. Plug the cooler fan connector again into its socket on the board and also you’re achieved!

12) Plug the cardboard again into your pc, join the PCI-E energy connector(s) and switch the pc’s energy provide again on.

13) Begin up the pc for the primary time together with your baked card and watch as your monitor involves life with the acquainted boot-up data.

Congratulations! You simply repaired your graphics card and saved a whole lot of with just a few cents value of thermal paste and electrical energy.

Useless Video Card Baking :

Demonstration of Fixing a Useless Graphics Card

Why Did it Work?

In idea, most video card failures should not attributable to inner defects within the circuitry itself or from any single part “burning” out. Slightly, it’s the interconnects… the solder joints that fail, inflicting an interruption within the electrical pathways essential for regular operation of the cardboard. Once you function a video card below regular situations, the cardboard undergoes thermal cycles between totally different temperature extremes. Some playing cards can attain 90 levels C or extra when totally loaded or overclocked after which cool right down to room temperature when the pc is off. This forwards and backwards thermal stress causes growth and contraction within the metallic joints connecting circuits to 1 one other. Generally, metallic fatigue from thermal biking can result in cracking and discontinuity in hint or solder joint. This leads to your card “dying” when in actual fact it’s only one tiny little crack and nothing extra.

The oven trick exploits the truth that solder melts at a reasonably low temperature in comparison with the whole lot else your board is fabricated from (besides the plastic, which is why you take away it). By heating the cardboard to only above the temperature at which solder turns into a liquid, you enable the previous joints to re-melt and stream for the primary time because the board was manufactured. The objective is that whichever joint failed will re-connect when it melts, whereas the opposite good joints will stay linked. In any case, solder wets different conductive supplies, particularly these coated in solder so there’s much less of an opportunity good connection will separate than the prospect of a nasty one re-connecting. After you cool the cardboard, the molten joints harden once more and the cardboard will most probably work tremendous once more, similar to it did earlier than.

It’s a intelligent trick and I’m actually drawn to the “dwelling brew” nature of it. I’m notably keen on caveman model hackery that truly makes use of confirmed scientific methods. This undoubtedly qualifies and it labored for me because it has for a lot of different individuals so earlier than you throw your card within the rubbish, don’t neglect you don’t have anything to lose and a completely functioning costly video card to realize if it does work. Plus you’ll have a narrative to inform your nerd mates subsequent time you see them. They’ll all be envious of you. The one disadvantage is you can’t share your baking with your pals or household, until they fancy the style of lead and tin 😉

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