IDG Contributor Network: The self-driving car of security automation

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When I speak with CISOs about automation in cybersecurity, it can conjure up parallels to self-driving cars. After all, if machine learning can create cars that drive themselves, why can’t we have self-driving security?

It’s a bit early and optimistic, however, to say machine learning and automation will immediately solve all cybersecurity challenges, if ever. Given the threat landscape’s inevitable evolution, it will most likely remain an arms race between the defenders and the attackers for the near and long term.

Alternatively, the promise of a machine doing what we thought only humans could do is quickly approaching reality. There’s a lot of early results, hype and even more potential. In fact, this is also true for self-driving cars. The Washington Post highlighted the different levels of development in regards to autonomy in self-driving cars established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

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