Russia Revisited: How Did We Get Here?

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In this episode we take a closer look at Russia. Here in the United States, there’s been no shortage of news about Russia, its alleged interference in our presidential election, and its greater role in the global cybersecurity ecosystem.

But how did we get here? What’s the historical context for Russia’s cybersecurity strategy and posture, how does it compare to other players around the world, and what are our options for dealing with it? How do Russia’s relationships with its neighbors inform its approach to online warfare, and how do Russian citizens perceive their place in the world?

On today’s podcast we’re joined by Peter Debbins, an instructor at the Academy for Defense Intelligence, where he teaches on a wide range of Russian-related topics. His background includes service in the U.S. Army as an officer, experience in the private sector, and as a Russian-area analyst.

This podcast was produced in partnership with the CyberWire and Pratt Street Media, LLC.

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